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Penis Enlargement Exercises

Penis Enlargement ExercisesThe origin of penis enlargement exercises can be found in the Middle East where men discovered "jelqing" technique. Jelqing consists of 150-250 penis enlargement exercises that must be performed over twenty minutes. The exercises are not troublesome and will add up to 3 inches (8 cm) to the size of your penis.

The exercises can be offered on DVDs or you can have an access to some protected space of the web site where you may see the videos and manuals and repeat them at home. You will be able to control your organism better and feel better too.

Of course it'll demand some efforts for getting a result, but it worthes it. Anyway you will definitely save money that might be spent on other penis enlargement products.

How Penis Enlargement Exercises Work

The basic principle of penis enlargement exercises is connected with the improvement of circulation of blood in penis. The volume of blood should be increased within the erectile tissue. The erectile tissue becomes bloodshot which reflects in an erection. Theoretically, the erectile tissue acquires the ability to hold more blood inside. And this factor will naturally affect the size of penis either it is erected or not.

The other most important constituent that helps to maintain an erection and to control it is the PC muscle (Pubococcygeal muscle) that can be successfully trained. Furthermore, the penis thickness is dependent upon 2 other muscle groups: the Bulbo Cavernous (BC) and Ischio Cavernous (IC). Both of these muscles cover the base of the male organ just like the straps on a radial tire. By pumping and contracting them, one can make his IC and BC muscles stronger and bigger. As a result, the shaft also becomes thicker and more rigid.

Penis Enlargement Exercises Results

The following chart can show you how many inches you can gain using penis enlargement exercises:

Please note, results shown in this penis enlargement graph are based on average usage. Results will vary, these results are only meant as a guidance to your new penis size!

Pros and Cons of Penis Enlargement Exercises

1.This is the safest and most proven method of penis enlargement. You cannot hurt or damage your penis unless you intentionally want to do so. There are no side effects. Although a number of programs claim they require only 5 minutes each day, you can see noticable results only if you have at least 30 minutes a day at least 4 days a week. Best results can be achieved with 45 minutes daily.
2.Unlike pills and supplements, penis enlargement exercises can give you both erection enhancement and penis enlargement. Your penis will be bigger in both flaccid state and erect state. You'd better do these exercises alone. You need to hide away from others and perform exercises in the privacy of your bathroom. This may cause questions as to why you spend 30 minutes in the bathroom each day.
3.Results of penis enlargement exercises are permanent. You will not lose your gains after you stop doing exercises. You can waste your time without results if you choose cheap or free penis exercises that come without video instructions.
4.Penis enlargement exercises can enhance both length and girth of your penis.
5.The cost of penis enlargement exercises does not depend on any monthly packages. This means you pay only one fixed price and then you can do these exercises for a few years!
6.You can gain up to 3 inches (8 cm) in 12 months. This penis enlargement method produce the best results.

Top Penis Enlargement Exercises

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