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Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis Enlargement SurgeryMost guys would never admit it, but probably all of us have given some thought to penile enlargement surgery. Whether out of curiosity, self-consciousness, embarrassment, or a secret longing to be exceptionally well-hung, men very commonly seek information about surgery to increase the length and girth of the penis. In fact, a study of the top searches online shows "penis enlargement surgery" to be consistently among the most popular information requests.

And as anyone who has made such a search can tell you, there are plenty of men who not only wonder about it, but who actually go through with this major surgical procedure in their quest for the ideal penis.

History of Penile Enlargement Surgery

The surgical procedure to lengthen the penis was developed in the late 1980s by Chinese surgeon Long Daochao. By 1991, penis augmentation surgery began to gain momentum -- but without the monitoring or endorsement of the American Board of Plastic Surgery nor the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. Still, even without a professional organization's safety and quality guidelines, many men sought out the surgery.

Those first patients may have thought they needed a bigger staff, but apparently they had some balls: imagine being the guinea pig for cosmetic penis enlargement surgery! The original methods, which haven't changed much since then, involved attempts to lengthen the penis, increase the girth, or both.

Here's how it works: to add the appearance of length, the surgeon cuts the suspensory ligament that anchors the penis to the body, allowing it to drop down and forward; in this way, it is hoped that the portion of the penis that is normally held inside the body cavity will stretch outward and appear as more length. The penis isn't technically "lengthened" so much as it is uncovered or released from the body.

To add girth, doctors harvest fat cells from the man's body, usually from the buttocks or legs, then inject these cells into the penis to create a thicker shaft.

More recently, surgeons have refined these techniques and use other materials than fat as the implants: grafts of tissue from the man's own body or even from donor cadavers is now used to widen or enhance the penis.

Risks of Penis Enlargement Surgery

For most men, the thought of any of these procedures is too difficult to contemplate. But for others, the desire to change their manhood for the bigger and better is still overwhelming. Current estimates show that to date about 18,000 men have had the surgery.

Yet the surgery is still considered somewhat risky and only a relative few surgeons will perform it -- right now, only about 30 in the U.S. -- and then most will do it only if the patient is mature, emotionally stable and has submitted to counseling prior to the surgery.
Outcomes of early penis enlargement surgeries were often disastrous: many men were rendered impotent or disfigured, coming from surgery with freakishly shaped, red, raw, or in the worst cases, terminally limp penises.

Today's surgeons have more knowledge and experience in performing these procedures, though critics still question the reliability and safety of the operation. The ligament-cutting method may create a gain of an inch or two in length, at the risk of total loss of support of the erect penis, so that, in the words of one man, "it flaps around like a helicopter blade." A surgically severed suspensory ligament can also cause erections to point downward, or even cause total loss of sensation and impotency.

The fat-injection method to increase penis girth can create lumpy, asymmetrical and unappealing results. Once injected, the fat can migrate unpredictably. Sometimes it bunches at the center of the shaft, creating a strange, football-shaped member; other times, the fat randomly lumps up so the penis appears blobby and irregularly shaped. Often, fat will reabsorb irregularly, so that over time the built-up girth is lost in some places more than others. Fat injections almost always feel soft, something like female breast tissue, even when the penis itself is erect.

Currently, the risks of penis enlargement surgery have decreased somewhat, but certainly the price tag has not: penis enlargement surgery currently runs an average of $4,500.


In recent years, the all-or-nothing nature of penis enlargement discussion has changed: instead of being forced to choose risky surgery, men now have a whole range of alternatives to address their concerns safely. Virtually risk-free, these products have been tested by doctors and proven to enhance virility and performance! Safe, natural and showing an unbelievable success rate, these are becoming a very popular alternative to risking impotence.

Chinese HerbsJust like the preoccupation with the large penis, the ingredients in these products have been around for centuries. The ancient Chinese herbals blend with other naturally derived botanicals and ingredients from around the globe, delivering a powerful list of effects that has a lengthy record of giving men what they want.

What's new is the technology for creating and delivering the ingredients in a purified, accurate formula:
  • Penis enhancement pills, for instance, are created in pharmaceutical-grade laboratories, in the exact blend of ingredients and amounts to create better erections, increased sensitivity, longer staying power and stronger overall sexual health.
  • Penis enhancement oils use German transdermal technology to deliver the ingredients right through the skin and directly to the genitals for very fast, almost instantaneous effects on penis performance and sexual enjoyment.
  • There are even penis enhancement patches that create the same male potency effects as pills, but in a transdermal application.
Most men, after conducting a bit of research, prefer the natural alternatives. They find that natural methods are much more affordable, far more discreet, completely painless, and carry no risk of irreversible damage. The best supplements, such as those mentioned above, also have a money-back guarantee. And the results are very promising -- they work for nearly all men regardless of the degree of difficulty they are having.

Penis EnlargementFinally, the "penis enlargement exercises" category of penis enlargement has been the focus of more and more publicity recently, leading some to wonder if this is a new, untested idea. The truth is, the jelqing technique has its roots in ancient tribal customs, cultural and spiritual practices and even modern-day medical methods for rebuilding tissue in surgical patients. The idea has been around for centuries.

What's new is the availability of safe, effective, medically developed devices for home use — penis enlargement extenders — and now the idea behind them is well-tested and documented, with a long history of dramatic results. Penis extenders will increase the length and girth of your penis right in the privacy of your own home!
Most men generally agree that even if they do fall into the small category that does not benefit from natural methods, they'd prefer to try the non-invasive products before opting for pricey, potentially disappointing surgery.

Alternatives to Surgery