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Penis Enhancement Patches

Penis Enhancement PatchesSuddenly, pharmaceutical patches are everywhere for every ailment: nonsmoking drugs, anti-depressants, birth control, and hundreds of prescription drugs are now coming out in patch form.

It's fast becoming the preferred method of taking medicines, because there's no dilution of potency, no nausea or side effects to the digestive system, continuous time-released delivery and more accurate blood levels of the desired ingredients. It's also very easy to use and has a long shelf life.

It's no surprise, then, that this popular method of administering pharmaceuticals has also come to the all-natural penis enhancement sector.

How Penis Enhancement Patches Work

Penis enhancement patches benefit from years of research and the latest up-to-the-minute know-how on transdermal pharmaceutical delivery. The patches release their active ingredients directly through the skin into the bloodstream in a sustained, gradual way over several hours.

Because the ingredients don't have to travel through the stomach, potency is much more predictable and efficient. Unlike patches, which often have to be taken at frequent intervals, the patch is a simple one-time application for full strength throughout the day.

Penis Enhancement Patches Results

The following chart can show you how many inches you can gain using penis enhancement patches:

Please note, results shown in this penis enlargement graph are based on average usage. Results will vary, these results are only meant as a guidance to your new penis size!

Pros and Cons of Penis Enhancement Patches

1.Most of penis enhancement patches have no side effects, but you should choose only high quality patches. Penis enhancement patches cannot physically enlarge penis. They do enhance erections; harder and longer erection can make your penis look bigger when erect.
2.Patches were designed for men who wish to avoid daily supplementation while still enjoying bigger, harder erections with increase sexual stamina and control. Unfortunately, penis enhancement patches do not provide permanent gains. You have to wear a patch to enhance your erections and improve penis size.
3.Patches are extremely easy to use: simply apply the comfortable, water-resistant patch once every 3 days to a clean area of skin on the lower abdomen and enjoy results! Certain patches may include ingredients that can be harmful or even dangerous. Ask your doctor if there can be side effects.
4.Patches are usually cheaper than many other penis enhancement methods inlcuding pills and extenders. The cost of penis enhancement patches depends on number of monthly packages. For example, one-year package may cost up to $400.
5.Unlike a pill that needs to travel through your digestive system before entering the bloodstream, penis enhancement patches deliver key ingredients directly enter your bloodstream and go straight to work. While penis enhancement patches can effectively increase penis girth, they are not so effective when it comes to penis length.
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Top Penis Enlargement Patches

Best Choice: ProEnhance

Results: 7
Reputation: 5
Safety: 8
Total: 20 out of 30
ProEnhance is discreet, safe, and offers you controlled dosing of 100% natural ingredients, all to help enhance the male sexual experience.

The herbal formula if ProEnhance is mixed with the sticky adhesive that attaches the patch to your skin. The adhesive is 100% hypo-allergenic and it's responsible for releasing the doctor-approved formula through the surface of the skin.