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Penis Enlargement Comparison Chart

There are many factors in finding the best penis enlargement method. To make it easier for you we have developed a simple penis enlargement comparison page. We've brought together some of the most effective and guaranteed penis enlargement methods and compared their effectiveness, success rates and the most important feature: safety.

Penis Enlargement Results

The following chart can show you how many inches or centimetres you can gain using different penis enlargement methods. You can click on the method name to hide it and take a closer look at other methods:

Penis Enlargement Success Rates

Although some penis enlargement methods can produce great results and awesome average gains, their success rates can be far from ideal. Penis enlargement success rate can show you the chance of successful penis enlargement. Take a look at the following graph to compare penis enlargement success rates:

Penis Enlargement Safety

Safety is another factor in penis enlargement. No one actually wants to resort to penis enlargement, gain an inch or a centimetre, and then suffer from horrible side effects. These side effects can be anything from slight allergic reactions and headaches to severe and sometimes even life-threatening conditions like high blood pressure, infertility, erectile dysfunctions and permanent penis disfigurement. That is why we recommend only safe and effective penis enlargement methods.

Take a look at the following graph to compare penis enlargement safety.

Penis Enlargement Cost

Finally, you should take in consideration the cost of particular penis enlargement methods. The method can be safe and effective but will you pay $5000 to gain an inch or a centimetre in length? This graph will show you the average costs of penis enlargement methods:

Penis Enlargement Comparison Chart

So what about penis enlargement comparison chart? Do you think there is a method suitable for every man? Unfortunately, no. Each of these penis enlargement methods has it's own unique pros and cons, different results and side effects, different cost and guarantee. How to choose the best method? How to enlarge penis?

Use the How to Enlarge Penis guide, based on latest medical studies and research in penis enlargement, male enhancement and total men's health, to find the best penis enlargement method:

How to enlarge penis?