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ErectionFitness Exercises

Results: 10
Reputation: 9
Safety: 10
29 out of 30

ErectionFitness Enlargement Exercises

ErectionFitness is a super concise 120-Day penis enlargement exercise plan that's based on 10+ years of experience helping real guys improve their erection quality and quantity.
  • You get a workout sheet for each day of the 120-day program.
  • It spells out exactly what exercises you're doing on days 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.
  • It explains the cyclical 5-7 week training cycle.
  • You're told when to expect the BIGGEST gains of inches (both in length AND girth) at each stage of the plan.
  • You get videos demonstrating every exercise included.
  • You may build up to 25-30 minutes of erection control without ejaculating (this would help eliminate any problems with premature ejaculation!)

ErectionFitness Guarantee

After trying the exercise program for sixty (60) days, if you are not satisfied, you may claim a refund, before sixty-seven (67) days have elapsed, simply contact them for a full refund of monies.

ErectionFitness Exercises

ErectionFitness program is delivered 100% online. There is no option to order it on DVD.

ErectionFitness Results

First, you'll get familiar performing The 10 Foundation Exercises with the help of video demonstrations. Then, like a bodybuilder training for maximum muscle growth, you'll get comfortable with the Progressive Overload Sequence, which tells you exactly when to increase the intensity of your exercises for maximum erection growth.

Exercises and techniques are varied with the aim of increasing the overall blood volume in your penis, to result in thicker, harder, more pleasurable erections that feel amazing to both you and your partner. You can push your length even further using a series of the most advanced high-intensity exercises.